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  • PTG: Limbs Veining

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    Premixed Vein Paint Authentc Reborn (AR) has created the perfect color for your baby’s veins.  Many people have trouble getting that color just right knowing that the wrong color ruins realism.  AR makes reborning easier, faster and more accurate with their very life like premixed vein paint.  Most people have to add thinner to make their baby veins transparent. …

  • Reborning Tutorial and Product Reference Book

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    The current edition features 10 completely new tutorials along with many additional tips, tricks, and detailed accounts for better understanding reborning paints and tools.  The new, longer product descriptions, informative introductions, and dual Reborning-Sculpting covers will make sure you treasure the Guide more than ever. New Tutorials: Get Reborn Success Using Authentic Reborn Paint Control Your Paint for Consistently Better Results…