Custom Ordering

Detailed Custom Ordering Information:

Thank you for your interest in our custom-made reborn dolls.

To order, please fill out the custom order form on the cart page before adding your chosen doll to your cart.

Each reborn doll is meticulously handcrafted by Elmarie Menge according to your specifications. Below, you will find detailed information on the creation process of each reborn doll.



Genesis heat set Paints are used to create that beautiful baby skin coloring with each layer being applied one thin coat at a time.

Each layer is baked before another is applied, this creates depth to the skin and gives the baby beautiful-looking skin.
The painting is sealed with 3-4 layers of matte varnish.

Eyes and Eyelashes:

Only high-quality acrylic or glass eyes are used on open-eyed babies to achieve ultra-realistic baby eyes. These eyes have a glossy finish for a wet-eye look. The eyelashes are fine and wispy, making them the most realistic on the market. All babies have rooted lashes. Sleeping babies have their eyelids painted with tiny veining for added realism.

Reborn Hair:

Hand-rooted hair is mohair that is carefully inserted into the doll’s vinyl head by hand. It is sealed on the inside, allowing it to be brushed and styled gently. The highest quality hair is used to achieve a realistic look.

The painted hair on the baby is meticulously applied strand by strand using Genesis heat set paints. A gloss varnish is added to give the hair a natural shine, and then it is sealed with 3-4 layers of varnish for durability.

Body and Filling:

The baby doll features a high-quality Doe Suede body that is specifically designed for its size, making it durable and easy to clean. The body includes shoulder and hip joints that are attached with sturdy teddy bear clips, allowing for easy rotation.

To ensure security, the body is attached with clear cable ties. The limbs are filled with a combination of high-quality glass beads and polyfill, giving the baby a realistic weight and feel. The body is also weighted with large glass beads in a sack, providing a cuddly and lifelike sensation when holding the doll.

For added strength, clear cable ties are used to connect the limbs and head to the body, offering a more secure attachment than traditional string.

Magnet Pacifier / Dummy  

Magnet pacifiers are added with some babies for extra display options.


Your baby will be dressed in a specially selected outfit and wrapped in a cozy blanket when you bring them home. We take care to choose clothing that suits the baby perfectly. Additionally, your baby will come with a basic clothing pack, and you have the option to upgrade it if you wish.

Example Only

Box Packing:

The baby will be delivered in a specially hand-packed box by Elmarie Menge. Each box is personalized with items selected specifically for the baby. The contents may include a blanket, nappies/diapers, toys, socks, mittens, shoes, bibs, changing mats, mohair conditioner, baby powder, and other surprises discovered by Elmarie during the packing process.

To start your custom order, please choose the size of your kit to view the available customization options.


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