Get to Know Me: A Glimpse into the Life of Elmarie Menge

Welcome to the enchanting world of reborn dolls curated by artist Elmarie Menge. Explore the lifelike dolls crafted with passion and love. Join us on a magical journey as we bring these beautiful creations to life.

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I am a professional guild member of Reborn A to Z, a reborn course taught by the nationally recognized IIORA doll artist Shaylen Maxwell. I am also a part of the Reborn Fanatics Artists group. I have been reborning since 2020 and have taken multiple courses to enhance my reborning skills.

Welcome to Loveliest Reborns, where artistry and passion converge to craft lifelike masterpieces that will captivate your heart. I am Elmarie Menge, the proud owner and artist behind this enchanting world of reborn dolls. With over two years of professional experience, I am dedicated to creating premium-quality dolls that will spark your imagination.

Located in Trompsburg, Free State, I draw inspiration from nature and my children, infusing my creations with love and creativity.
My goal is to craft reborn babies that embody the essence of real newborns, leaving viewers in awe. Through meticulous attention to detail, artful coloring, careful weighting, delicate hair rooting, and exquisite dressing, I bring these babies to life in a remarkably realistic way.

I see reborning as a form of storytelling, with each doll conveying tales of innocence, tenderness, and the beauty of new life. Every doll is a unique creation that radiates soul and personality, transcending mere objects.

Explore Loveliest Reborns and discover a stunning collection of lifelike creations that reflect my passion and expertise. Immerse yourself in this magical world where dreams become reality and hearts are touched. Each reborn baby is a testament to the love and dedication poured into its creation, captivating you with its realism from the moment you hold it.

Thank you for embarking on this extraordinary journey with me, where art and love intertwine to bring forth the loveliest reborn dolls imaginable. Step into the world of reborns and experience the enchantment for yourself.


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